Relaxing at Sand Dune Arch, Arches National Park

Hi, there.

Welcome to See. Eat. Repeat!

I’ve always loved art, food, and traveling. This blog is a place for me to talk about the food, art, and other things I experience while visiting different places. It may be just down the road; it may be halfway across the world. Wherever you find them, great food and art are always worth talking about, don’tcha think?

I do. So join me!



Ziplining near Ketchikan, Alaska

Want to learn a little more about me? Here are a few little tidbits:

  • I love Mark Rothko. Love. Loooooooove.
  • I also love Rembrandt.
  • And Chagall.
  • I could eat heirloom tomatoes until I explode.
  • Roasted Portabellos are one of my favorite things to cook at home.
  • I speak French.
  • I want to speak Arabic, German, and Italian.
  • I think the desert it beautiful.
  • Ethiopian food is the bomb. Fo’ reals. Who knew?
  • I’m a sucker for a great book and a blanket outside in the sun.
  • If that blanket in the sun also includes a plate of grapes, a baguette, and a wedge of Camembert, even better.
  • If I had the money, I would own an apartment in Paris (even if it were the size of a shoebox).
  • I am training for a triathlon. (Wish me luck.)

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